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Focus of SIMCA
Every South Indian Music Producer face various formidable challenges and requires the focus of a unified Industry. It is pertinent to remember that each and every problem faced by the Industry is because of the copyright music owned by the members. Most of the problems have to be contained/ eliminated by concerted action of all members. SIMCA’s role can hardly be overemphasized..
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As a Copyright Society SIMCA will evolve a style of functioning which will be in tune with the modern free economy that is prevailing in India and the world over. SIMCA fully realizes that the participants in the Industry, require a platform for the following:

1. Information on Copyright Ownership
SIMCA intends to compile a Register of Copyright for all Music that belongs to its Members and the same will be available to the Public at large. This will eliminate any confusion that may arise regarding Copyright Ownership.

2. Agreement Formatting for easy and ethical transfer of music between copyright owner and the user
As mentioned earlier with the proliferation of Rights there is a need to establish bench-mark Agreements for the transaction of these rights between users and owners. However, the commercial aspects of the Agreements will be left to the subscribers to the Agreement. The case of the Agreement between Radio Mirchi and the Individual Members is a good illustration, where SIMCA laid down the legal parameters and left the commercial arrangements to be worked out individually. SIMCA does not intend to be the collector and the dispenser of revenues earned by its members from the exploitation of its copyright in broadcasting and public performance. It will depend on the contribution of its members from the revenues, which they will get directly from all sources for its upkeep.

3. Spokesman for the Industry
As a Representative of the Industry an important function will be to voice the views, problems and suggestions to the Authorities that be. It is expected that along with its sister associations to attain an Advisory capacity to the State and Central Governments on Taxation, Changes in Copyright and other allied Laws and the Country's position on International conventions.

4. Dispute Resolution
Appropriately, SIMCA would have a Dispute Resolution mechanism for use by its members to sort out swiftly any dispute among themselves. It would also offer this service to non-members to solve disputes that may arise with members. The use of this service would again be voluntary.