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Focus of SIMCA
Every South Indian Music Producer face various formidable challenges and requires the focus of a unified Industry. It is pertinent to remember that each and every problem faced by the Industry is because of the copyright music owned by the members. Most of the problems have to be contained/ eliminated by concerted action of all members. SIMCA’s role can hardly be overemphasized..


The piracy problem has been raised by the Industry to such an extent that it needs no further elaboration. What needs to be repeated is the need for the fight against it to continue. SIMCA continues to play a leading role in this fight. A major portion of the Industry's problem would be non-existent if piracy is controlled.

In 2006, SIMCA created an Anti-Piracy Cell under the superintendence of Retd.S.P. Under his supervision a number of raids have been conducted with substantial seizures and arrests. At present, the Cell operates in Tamilnadu only. However, during the recent spate of Police action in Kerala, SIMCA officials were in Trivandrum to liaise with the Authorities on behalf of its members. This resulted in considerable mitigation of the hardship of the members.

SIMCA members are at liberty to keep the Cell informed of any Pirate activity in their area to enable SIMCA to plan for future action.


It is important to realize that several new modes have come to the forefront to cater music to the listeners. The Radio, an old mode, has taken on a new avatar and is presenting itself with new and much improved features, both in technical and programme format. The Internet has revolutionized dissemination of music by making it available in the homes of millions through the Computer and through Kiosk located at different outlets.

Ringtones have become a twenty-first century phenomenon and has turned the fortunes of the Music Industry on its head.

What is common to all these innovations is the music itself. It continues to be copyrighted and belongs to members of the Industry. It is important that the Broadcasters and the Websites are made aware that remuneration is due to the Industry every time Music is used commercially. A mechanism will have to be put in place to ensure a reasonable share of the revenues that this utilization of music generates is given to the copyright owner. SIMCA is ideally positioned to play this role and is doing so in all the 4 Southern States.

It may be pertinent to mention the following measures taken by SIMCA in this regard:-


1. FM Radio: Agreements have been made with all FM Broadcasters in Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. This has been achieved amicably. Which has not been the case with PPL who are still in Court.
2. Worldspace Radio: SIMCA has been able to secure a favourable tie-up for 3 years. The Revenues are on an upward moving arrangement and will be a constant source of earning for the members.
3. All India Radio: In the year 2000, none of the SIMCA members were registered with this the largest Broadcaster in the Country although their Music was being utilised. Today most of them are registered and are receiving their back Royalties systematically


Since 2002, SIMCA organized Ringtone Revenues for its members through a number of Content Providers (CPs). These CPs, in turn, made these available to the Mobile Operator. Due to the overwhelming popularity of SIMCA content it has been possible to obtain for its members, especially for its Film-song labels, an Advance against Ringtone Income. This has helped the members to negotiate for more film contracts.


Due to the low penetration of Personal Computers and Broadband Connections, Digital Downloads has not attained the popularity as in the West. However SIMCA has begun creating the necessary Data-base and Content Library for its members. Limited number of content has been delivered to USA-based sites with encouraging results. SIMCA hopes to create its own data-bank in 2007 for back-ending with a number of sites in India and abroad.

The introduction of the Kiosk model for Downloads has given the creation of the data-bank a sense of urgency.


SIMCA will have an increasingly important role to play in playing the arbiter in all disputes within the Industry. With the proliferation of Rights that are today created from a Recording it is relevant that there should be a Dispute Resolution Agency to effectively resolve issues before they get out of hand. India is a major Music creating Country with its music reaching far corners of the globe. The Indian diaspora has given "Indian Music" universality. There is a need to have a Clearing House to inform all participants of the owners of the huge catalogue of Indian Music so that contact is established quickly and misunderstandings resolved swiftly. Again SIMCA is ideally placed to fulfill this role.